Australian Adoptees Network

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Australian Adoptees Network

  1. What is the Australian Adoptees Network

    The Australian Adoptees network (AAN) is a organisation whose prime aim to is assist adoptees nationwide in reaalatoon to issues regarding their adoption.  we are not a professional service and we will not provide any counselling services.  we will though have a friendly ear for you to state your views in a non judgemental way.

    Our secondary aim is to lobby for improved provision of professional services for adoptees andtraining of such professionals

  2. Who may join the AAN

    membershp of the AAN is for any resident of Australia or any Australian citizen residing overseas who is adopted, regardless of their place of adoption.  Others person who may be IVF, surrogacy or a partner of an adoptee may join upon application to the Administration

  3. How much does it cost

    There is no membership fees for joining the AAN  website.  The only requirement is that you agree with our mission statement

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