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The AAN was formed in mid 2011when adoptees saw a need to have a independent organisation to represent their interests during the senate reference committee inquiry into past forced adoption practices. Until then the interests of adoptees were served by groups ran by the natural mothers who had their children forcibly  removed so many years ago.  It had become apparent that the mothers quite rightly were primarily looking after their interests.  In that time until the handing down of the report in February 2012 members of the AAN made a submission to the inquiry and many of us also made appearances at the public hearings. The result was that the final report had a chapter on adoptees acknowledging the emotional and sometimes physical toll that it had taken upon us all. in other words the Senate correctly recognised we the adoptees as equal to the mothers in this massive injustice that has been occurring since the 1920's.

                                                                 In Mid 2012 the AIFS handed in their report into their inquiry in past adoption practices. Tis study was welcomed by the AAN and it appeared also by many adoptees.Over 800 adoptees completed the online questionnaire making it the largest study conducted by adoptees in the history of Australia.  The study was a watershed in that it showed just how adoption had affected adoptees in a negative manner and has forever shattered the Blank Slate theory that so many " experts" believed.  

In March 2013 the federal government apologised most profoundly for the attitudes, crimes and coercions of the past. They acknowledged the lifetime of suffering and pain for all adoptees as a separate entity . We at the AAN were extremely satisfied with the tome and passion of the apology                                                                                                                       Where to now.  The AAN will continue to support adoptees into the future. It is vital to understand that from the day after any commitments given will slowly dilute as governments looks for ways to sure up support in the community. Our job is to keep lobbying to ensure that funding for services that adoptees may need is always available.  We will also lobby to help ensure that those who follow us into adoption is in their best interest not the interests of those wishing to adopt.   With recent changes to adoption legislation federally and in NSW, the work for the AAN will be arduous but necessary. We now look to helping those who are removed from their families into the future as only adoptees can be aware of the pain and emotional turmoil adoption brings as we travel life's journey .

 Membership of the AAN is free and the only criteria is that you respect fellow members and their views and life experiences as well as agreeing with our mission