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Mission Statement


Australian Adoptees Network Mission Statement

 Our aims are two-fold:

 First, to provide a supportive environment for Australian adoptees in which to speak without fear of invalidation of their experience as an adoptee.

Non-adoptees, parents or adoptive parents are not invited to join the AAN. They have long running support services in place. This is a place for adoptees only.

 We do not believe that non-adoptees or people without experience of life as an adoptee can fully understand our issues. This is the reason for their exclusion. We are here to support each other on our journey through the adoption experience, at each and every stage of that journey.

 Remember that some adoptees may be at the start of the journey while others have travelled a long way. It is not helpful to criticise the terminology others use or to denigrate the ideas that are put forward by members who are less experienced. If offensive terminology is repeatedly used, or if blanket statements that are disrespectful to others are proffered, please remember that the Admins are here to moderate. Refer the matter to them rather than retaliating. The Admins have a large amount of collective experience in dealing with adoption. They will deal with issues that are brought to their attention. Our intention is to speak with the new and previously unheard voice of adoptees, not to imitate the way non-adoptees speak of the adoption experience.

 The second aim is to provide representation for Australian adoptees. We believe that groups that include persons other than adoptees cannot adequately represent our position and cannot effectively lobby for support on our behalf.

 •  We aim to present a calm, reasonable and rational voice that can be heard by government or other bodies.

•  We aim to raise awareness through the media, through academic publications and through any other viable avenues of the damage we have suffered by being separated from our birth families.

•  We aim to lobby for the provision of tangible support services specifically tailored for the needs of adoptees.

•  We aim to lobby for the education of persons dealing with adoptees and recognition of the unique distress and hurt that is part of the adoptee experience.

 Solicitation of business, advertising or canvassing of members is not permitted. When previously approved by the Admins, members may be asked from time to time if they wish to participate in research by academics. That choice is up to the individual and a decision not to participate will in no way effect a person’s membership of the AAN or their treatment within this group.

 Always remember that the primary aim of this network is to provide a safe environment in which adoptees can give voice to their experience and raise issues that concern them.